Saturday, January 16, 2010

Setting up my home server...

I've installed Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox and installed Apache+Php+MySQL+SSH+FTP... etc. It's my development server. By the moment, I have nothing. I've installed Wordpress so I expect in a couple of months to have a new blog with my own server.... I don't know. I don't expect a especific result. I'm doing just for fun.

I like development.I like to try to do things, although I didn't finished anything, I enjoy the travel.

If you want, you can see my home server. It has a standard Apache 2 start page.

If it doesn't work, is because I've shut down the computer or the VM because sometimes I travel or simply for cutting energy costs.

Some ideas about my home server:
- An J2EE application server (Tomcat? Glassfish?)
- Mono .NET
- Ruby on Rails
- Python + Django
- My own developed websites and tools for it.

Well... I hope that my enthusiasm take more time that previous attempts...

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