Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sundays are elections in Chile

Sunday is election day in Chile. And It's the first time that I vote.

It was a ver dirty election. All candidates disqualifying each other. Frei, Arrate with the only objetive that is 'to win the rightys', they hadn't a government plan, still want to do the same thing. Marco has a government plan, but is lack of foundation, and I wouldn't like a president who doesn't know how to talk. Piñera hasn't improved his speech, says the same thing that four years before when has beaten by Michelle Bachelet. But he's the more solid between the four candidates.

I write in english because I want to correct somethings that are invented from concertationist to the foreigners:
  • The time has changed. Pinochet died, and the rightys doesn't want to be associated with him.
  • Lefties in practices are capitalists plus some social benefits to the poor people, but they aren't the lefties of 70s.
  • I think that Chile lacks of an identity on terms of politics. It seems that cold war hadn't ended here.
  • And yes. Crime is becoming a serious issue in Chile. It's not too strong enough, but If the government doesn't do anything, It could be.
Well, that's my thoughts. I'm not affiliated to any party. And I wan't to be affiliated too. It's my sincere opinion from a Chilean person.

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