Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's very hard to me to be in Christmas. I miss the days when I was a child and innocently wait for my Santa's Gift. Now, I only wait if there's not conflicts in my family. I have a lovely family, they're very united and like to do parties. But when I want to go to another place, conflicts appear.

My mother has empty nest syndrome plus symptoms of menopause, so anything can makes her cry and she feels lonely all time. That makes me feel guilty about the thing I wanna do alone. I love my mother and my family. But I am crossing the line that differentiates a men of a child. I'm building my own family, now it's a little familiy (only two), but is a family.

I would like to see my parents happy again, that they don't worry too much about me. I hope that this christmas will be very funny and enjoyable.

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