Thursday, December 10, 2009

I don't like meetings...

Remember that I've mentioned communication at last post?.

Well, I keep my idea that communication is very good. But I don't like when there're meetings for everything. I think that in most cases there are other alternatives, go to the office or make a call to the interested, use Instant Messaging, use e-Mail, send a doc and tell it the put his reviews in it, etc.

I believe that meetings are initial and the last resort. Initial when you're starting a project and need to get ideas for it. And last when the project is running, I think that is good when there's a problem very hard to solve and involves many people. But it's very counterproductive when the meeting is for simple problems that are more easy to solve if the tasks are well asigned to specific people. Is like the classic joke: How many ... does it take to change a lightbulb?. You can find a lot of this kind of joke here.

Searching from a picture for this post, I found a link from eHow about How To Survive a Boring Meeting, so if you think that meetings are boring too, follow this link. Thanks eHow for the picture.

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