Saturday, June 21, 2014

I wanna be the guy!!!

I'm playing that awesome game!! It's very hard, it made me a lot of headaches, but at the same time it's very funny and very rewarding when you pass that ultra difficult levels. I recommend this game if you wanna develop your patience and perseverance because you need them a lot to win over the painful spikes and the lethal apples that look innocent.

I'm stuck at the final boss. But I won't give up until I beat the guy. I've learned a lot about, you can think that your difficulties are unique or you can't get over them, but that's not true. As a Chilean Tennis named Nicolas Massú said 'nada es imposible, ni una wea!!' that in english could mean 'nothing it's impossible, no shit at all!!'

Here's the link for the game. I recommend you watch some youtube videos before playing because you will feel very lost at start. Have fun and don't give up!!!!

I Wanna Be The Guy!


I'be finished the game!!! Now when I press backspace I return back to "The Room Of Divine Transportation" and play when the boss I wanna fight

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