Thursday, November 26, 2009

I don't hate Microsoft

I like Open Source Technologies, and I try to use a lot. But I don't like when peoples tries to satanize something because some people use it. I think that is very stupid to create a wall and put some people on one side or another.

I want to tell that I don't hate Microsoft and I don't hate Linux. Microsoft products are good in things that Linux World products don't, like user experience and researching in things that costs a lot, like Natal project. And Linux World products are good in things that Microsoft products don't, like servers, application servers and firewalls.

I'm working in a solution that uses both worlds. There're some Tomcat Servers that runs on Linux with Apache CXF Web Services. And there're some Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers thats runs ASP.NET pages with IIS. That pages uses the CXF Web Services without problems.

What are the advantages? Linux has very good monitoring capabilities, and have very few faults. But at the presentation layer, ASP.NET makes development very easy and its controls offers a more powerful user experience.

So. Think about it. There're no sides. There're tools.

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